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Just like some people like having their book or CD collection nicely organized and at hand, others will appreciate the possibility of having all their PC games clearly categorized in one single application – that is what Game Assistant does. Besides, it will help you boost your gaming experience and will monitor your system’s temperature to avoid unnecessary overheating.

Game Assistant will scan your computer in search for all the games installed on it. It will list them for you and will allow you to create as many categories as required so that you can put each game right where it belongs. If by any chance you know of a game that the program couldn’t detect during the scan process, you can always drag and drop its icon yourself into the corresponding category.

Once your game collection is neatly organized according to your own preferences, you can make use of the program’s capabilities to make the most of your gaming experience. The first thing is to avoid accidental damages to your hardware as a consequence of an unexpected overheating condition. Game Assistant can keep an eye on your CPU, GPU, and mainboard temperatures and on the speed of your system’s fan for you, and keep you informed of any unwanted “heat excess” that might damage your computer. The program displays an easy-to-read graph where you can visually monitor your PC’s temperature in real time. You can set the program to warn you whenever a trigger threshold you specify is reached, and its CPUID temperature monitoring technology will give you a quick heads-up if it ever happens. Temperature values can be expressed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the program may set off an alarm whenever the limit figures are exceeded.

With your games conveniently organized and your system’s temperature under control, you may now concentrate on improving your gaming experience. To do so, you just need to set the program to kill selected processes whenever a game launches and to free up RAM memory when needed. Alternatively, you can end more unnecessary processes – if required – during your gaming sessions, and thus give an extra boost to your system.

Its basic functionality makes it an excellent tool for all gamers, and will certainly help all of them not only to keep their game collection in order, but also to enjoy a faster and safer gaming experience at no cost whatsoever.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clean and nice-to-look-at interface
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit values
  • Manages and organizes all your games
  • Provides real-time information about your system's temperature
  • Frees up RAM memory when needed
  • Lets you decide which processes can be disabled to improve performance


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